about tattooednow temporary tattoos

Our tattoos are not
like other temporary


Other companies make sticker look like tattoos that are glossy and look like something out of the chewing gum pack.

Seriously, you should stop paying for glorified bubble gum temporary tattoos!

Our temporary tattoos are premium grade quality and feature amazing real-life tattoo look & are being used by make up artists worldwide!

Try our tats and you’ll have the most realistic temporary tattoo you can find on the market!

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So realistic that
Hollywood movie stars
are wearing them



Our Tattoos have been extensively in the great number of TV Shows & Movies!

Quality of our tattoos have been recognized by hollywood high demand industry!

Take a sneak peek below at who is wearing our temporary tattoos!


805 Million Names with Zlatan Ibrahimovic
The Foreigner 2016
Game of Thrones
Peaky Blinders
Point Break 2015
O Grande Circo Mistico 2016
Kenco- Coffee vs. Gangs
Jupiter Ascending
Baileys Christmas Nutcracker
Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrel
Black Sails
Machine Gun Preacher
November Man
Wizard vs. Aliens
Fifth Estate
Cloud Atlas
Zero Dark Thirty

    our tattoos stay on for days! but did you know you can make them look even more realistic with our hd mattifier?


    Tattooednow temporary tattoos are coated with special non-shiny coating and in addition to looking as a real tattoo, they keep on for days! We are talking about 7 and more days!

    But we have another great thing for you!
    In a cooperation with a leading makeup artist we developed the Tattooednow Mattifier!

    Mattifier HD is a special formula gel designed to mattify your tattoo, giving it amazing real-life tattoo look & feel!

    Apply it gently on your tattoo and get the ultimate realistic temporary tattoo there is on the market!


    Amazing hand-drawn designs
    to choose from