Great value, bigger, better…MORE FOR YOUR MONEY!

  • No fiddly cutting out like other temporary tattoos. 
  • The most realistic and durable temporary tattoos to be found anywhere. 
  • Professional quality, showerproof, long lasting… AND… at unbeatable prices!

Bulk customized tattoos are for orders of 100 or more. A party, your wedding, or maybe a corporate function or publicity campaign. They are great!  Great for publicity, and remember…they walk and talk for you!!! Great for a your shop or nightclub or even your beach bar or dive center. Be outside the box!

We can print your custom tattoo in any format ranging from A4 ( 21 x 29.7 cm - 8.2 x 11.6 inch) to A8 ( 5.2 x 7.4 cm - 2.04 x 2.9 inch ).

Yours is just to provide us with a design or let us design something for you and we will print it, pack it and send it to your door. It’s that simple!


All our Temporary tattoos, both for the site and here, are made by hand and individually checked to guarantee the highest quality finish.


Send us an email to: and we will get back with a quote.



The temporary tattoo company that is run by make-up artists for make-up artists.

For movie/television/theater productions there is NO REQUIRED MINIMUM.

This means that you can order just one or two sheets needed only for a day or two of shooting.

If you need  any kind of a tattoo for the project you are working on feel free to contact us. We have a creative and experienced team that  has done a lot of work on various projects like movies,TV commercials, theater plays, fashion and photography shoots that will be more than glad to help you.

Our customized temporary tattoo work for your film, TV or theater production are the best money can buy. No fiddly or time consuming cutting out before application… the adhesive is only on your design.

 Please send us your designs or let us send you our designs made to your brief and we will be happy to give you a quote. Our site may well be worth a look at too…you might just find what you need there. Please see our note regarding delivery below.


We have a whole design department at your service for any adjustments you may require to your own design or send us some ideas and we can design to your request. If you would like your design to look like a tattoo opposed to a sticker, our design department can make it look like a tattoo, old or new. Please ask for our design facility rates.

Once printed your tattoos will be cut to size and sent in bulk protective packaging. If you wish to have your tattoos each  individually packed please contact us for details and delivery times.

Postage is by registered post or courier only.


if you would like to sell our tattoos we can provide you with our retailers price list on request.


These will vary depending on the size and complexity of your order but we will always endeavor to get your order to you for the agreed date. For the small customized work 2-7 working days depending on the complexities of the job and for the large, 100 plus customized batch work, there is a minimum two weeks turnaround.